• Incombustible Lighting Cover for Trains

    New material FRP

    Passed the combustion test for materials used in railroad vehicles

    Patent protected (transparent incombustible materials and their manufacturing method)

    Patent Number 5589227

  • Does not break! Does not burn! Does not blind!

    EXVIEW is an incombustible and highly optically transparent glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GFRP).

    Certified as incombustible for use in trains

    Passed the combustion test for materials used in railroad vehicles with no molten drops! (Passed the adaptability test for incombustibility and molten-drop resistance)


    Compared with other materials, EXVIEW shows less deformation and excels with its heat resistance capabilities. It also conforms to flame resistance standards, as certified by the cone calorie meter heat buildup test.

    (Test carried out by the Japan Railway Rolling Stock & Machinery Association)

    Soft diffusion of LED light


    Reaching a total light transmittance of 65% (upper limit)!

    Light source diffusion effect!



    Intricately diffusing the LED source makes it possible to produce a soft light. Also, since transmittance is adjustable, the material can be used as a lighting cover in a variety of environments.


    Multi-use applications

    The shaping mold makes highly flexible, three-dimensionally shaped manufacturing possible. The products can be used in a variety of environments.


    Railroad vehicles/vessels: Lighting cover or interior material in aircraft, cars etc.

    Interior material for buildings: Lighting cover in buildings and hanging fire barriers

    Special uses: Advertising lights, billboard lights, guide lights

    Please get in touch with us to discuss your desired shape and size.

  • EXVIEW Introduction Movie​

    National Research and Development Agency

    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

    Research Institute for Chemical Process Technology Chief Researcher

    Engineering professor Takeo Ebina


    Recommendation comment

    EXVIEW is a new, innovative lighting cover. By combining Miyagi Kasei's FRP technology with the transparent clay film technology held by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology using a new lamination process, we succeeded in creating a never-before-seen material that combines lightness, the high sturdiness of GFRP, incombustibility and transparency. EXVIEW as a material is expected to make a difference not only as a lighting cover in bullet trains and subways, but also in environments where lightweight lighting is essential, such as underground shopping centers, aircraft, etc.

  • Miyagi Kasei's business

    Manufacturing of FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) products

    We are involved in the entire production chain, from design and development to trials and mass production.

  • FRP molding techniques​

    Light RTM production molding technique

    After the glass base material is set into the mold, a vacuum is created in the uneven mold to shrink it down. Finally, the resin is inserted via an injecting machine.

  • Infusion​

    The glass base material is set into the mold. Then, using film or similar materials, a vacuum is created and the resin poured in.

  • Hand lay-up/Spray-up​

    After the glass base material is set into the mold, it is impregated with resin using a roller. After removing air bubbles from the installation, the material is laminated.

  • FRP products

    We manufacture products for a variety of fields with our emphasis on interior/exterior panels for cars and related products.


    Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.

    Front bumper

    AutoExe Inc.


    Rotas RV Sales Inc.


    Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.

    Air deflector

    ICL Co., Ltd.

  • Waterproofing

    Waterproofing work is essential to protecting buildings. Our creed is "Faster and with more care."

    - FRP waterproofing

    - Sheet waterproofing

    - Coating film waterproofing

    - Asphalt waterproofing

    - Sealing work

    FRP waterproofing

    Roof waterproofing repair work

    Coating film waterproofing for factory floors

    Urethane waterproofing

  • Building-related construction work

    We always think of ways to make contruction work as reliable as possible for customers.

    Fields include:

    - Lining work

    - Repair work

    - Various construction work (e.g., heat insulation, anti-termite construction work, etc.)

    Corrosion resistant lining for factory floors

    Tank interior lining

    Hot spring bathtub repair work

    Apartment complex bathtub repair work (before)

    Apartment complex bathtub repair work (after)

    Facility tank repair work

    Urethane spraying

    Blowing work

  • Rental/Sales


    Temporary lavatories, showerhouses, temporary housing, scaffolding

    Other (All kinds of event supplies, security boxes, sinks, partitioning)


    【Sales】All kinds of temporary lavatories and shower houses

    Click here to download our catalogue.

    Temporary lavatory

    (at an event)

    Temporary lavatory

    (at an event)

    Temporary lavatory For people with disabilities

    Shower house

    Temporary housing



  • Download the catalogue​

    Here you can download a PDF version of our product catalogue. Please choose the name of a product you are looking for.

  • Enquiry​

    For orders, feedback and questions,

    please use the mail form displayed below, give us a call or send us a fax.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


    Miyagi Kasei Co., Ltd.

    〒987-2304 Kitazawa Hankinzawa 15-4, Ichihazama, Kurihara, Miyagi Prefecture

    TEL 0228-52-3931 FAX 0228-52-3933


  • Access​

    Miyagi Kasei Co., Ltd.

    15-4, Kitazawa Hankinzawa, Ichihasama, Kurihara, Miyagi,
    987-2304, Japan

  • Miyagi Kasei Co., Ltd.

    【A company that can contribute to society】

    Ever since its establishment, Miyagi Kasei Inc. has been involved in the production and sale of FRP (fiber-reinforced plastics). Because of this involvement in FRP molding, processing, construction, temporary material rental and sales business, we are in close contact with experts from many fields.

    Also, considering the fact that FRP products are used in a wide range of environments, we feel that—although we are only a small business—our role in society is of great importance. With our advance into the 21st century, the pace at which our world changes is ever-increasing. With this in mind, we constantly think of how we can support our customers and society in general. We hope to be able to then implement the results of our product development and manufacturing process.

    We plan on continuing to strive to become a company where every employee plays his or her part to contribute to society. We would be very glad if you could support on down this path.


    CEO Akihiko Koyama

    【Business philosophy】

    - We strive to be a company that can contribute to society and the people in it by providing products and services of value.

    - We strive to improve our abilities and our character by thinking about how to provide better products and services.

    【Basic environment philosophy】

    Miyagi Kasei's business covers a wide variety of fields. We manufacture and sell FRP products, rent out and sell temporary materials, are involved in construction work, and we also sell industrial chemicals and materials amongst other products. All these efforts direct our attention to the sustainable development of society and the protection of the environment, so we can hand our beautiful and rich earth down to the next generation with pride. All of the employees of this company come together to face these challenges.

    【Company outline】

    Trade name: Miyagi Kasei Co., Ltd.

    Address: Kitazawa Hankinzawa 15-4, Ichihazama, Kurihara, Miyagi Prefecture, 987-2304

    TEL: 0228-52-3931 FAX: 0228-52-3933

    Established on April 1, 1987

    Capital: 20 million yen

    CEO: Akihiko Koyama

    Number of Employees: 38

    Licensed registry: General building industry ; approval by the Miyagi Prefecture governor (general-19) #18067

    Accounts held with: 77 Bank Tsukidate branch/Senpoku Credit Cooperative Tsukidate branch

    【Corporate history】

    April 1987: Inaugurated as Miyagi Kasei Ltd. in Miyagi Prefecture's Kurihara (Shimonomiya Yatsumatazawa 91, Tsukidate) with a capital of 3 million yen

    March 1990: Capital raised to 6 million yen

    September 1990: Capital raised to 8.2 million yen

    May 1991: Capital raised to 12 million yen, switched to Miyagi Kasei Inc.

    June 1991: Erected and moved to a new factory located at Kitazawa Hankinzawa 15−4, Ichihasama in Kurihara

    March 2000: Capital raised to 15 million yen

    April 2011: Capital raised to 20 million yen

    【Business contents】

    ◇ Manufacturing and sale of FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) products

    Car components (e.g., bumpers, bodies, truck air deflectors, camping car shells, other inner and outer vehicle panels), temporary lavatories/housing, tanks, machine covers, marine vessels, toy equipment, other FRP products.

    ◇ Building-related construction work

    Waterproofing, lining, sealing, heat insulation, etc.

    ◇ Construction material rental/sale services

    Temporary lavatories/housing, shower houses, scaffolding, event equipment.

    【Factory specifications】

    Factory lot size: 6,800m²

    Factory #1 area size: 671m²

    Factory #2 area size: 489m²

    Factory #3 area size: 205m²

    Rest room/warehouse area size: 197m²

    Office area size: 113m²

    【Affiliated company】

    Haipura Kasei Co., Ltd.

    Murasakino 8-92-5, Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture

    TEL 0197-68-2035 FAX 0197-68-2038

    Website: www.haipura.co.jp


    Universal Trike Inc.

    309 The 21st Century Plaza, 2-1-40 Takamori, Izumi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi

    TEL 022-355-7518 FAX 022-355-7517

    Website: http://www.universaltrike.com


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